Discussion around a Belgian beer

July 3, 2012, Tuesday
18:00 - 21:00

Belgian beers


You just will have to pay for what you drink ;-) and for your metro ticket (2,- EUR for a single ticket, see <http://www.stib.be/tickets.html?l=en>).


Get to some famous Brussels cafés, mainly downtown, to further debate with colleagues.

According to registration, the organising committee will book tables in some famous cafés where EAHIL delegates will be free to gather and enjoy some famous Belgian beer.

The social event "Discussion around a Belgian beer" will bring you Tuesday evening in a sample of typical Brussels' café's.

The meeting point is at 17.30 in front of the "Bibliothèque" building. Two colleagues, Raymonde Charlier and Vincent Bauduin, will drive you downtown, by metro and by foot, to some famous Brussels' café's where you can stay for a while and discuss with colleagues, enjoying an original Belgian beer.

The Café tour will begin in "La Bécasse", then you will be brought to the "Falstaff", the "Delirium Café" , the "Poechenellekelder", and the "Café des Halles". Some other café's are listed in the flyer attached.

Those of you who do not attend any meeting or continuing education course at the conference main venue during the afternoon are free to join in any café mentioned in the document mentioned above.

We look forward to meeting you in Brussels next week.



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