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Information about Brussels

Brussels celebrated its millennium in 1979. The village, which developed on swamps, became the capital of the country and Europe, with an important history, a rich heritage and a beautiful folklore.


Information about Belgium

“Belgium is a cross-point and gathering place of Europe. Historically, politically and socially Belgium represents a place of transit and reunion of diverse cultures, races and beliefs. Our project for the pavilion reflects the diversity of people coming together in Belgium and shaping Europe in a harmonious balance.

Throughout its history the territory of Belgium has been a “place of balance” where people have gathered with common interests that surpass their national needs… It is one of the birth places of the industrial revolution and the European Union.

Today Belgium is efficiently “plugged-in” to all major European countries by fast-rail, highways and shipping lanes that create a circulation system for people and information. European ultra-dense sophisticated network of cities and infrastructures, together with European tradition of social tolerance have been defining elements of Europe’s and Belgium’s prosperous development.

Belgium is an organic country, a living element in perpetual evolution. This organicity is also embodied in the environmental approach developed by Europe in general and Belgium in particular - it is not just a necessity, it is mainly a big opportunity. It is this delicate balance between collective necessities and individual aspirations that has inspired our concept of the Belgian-European Pavilion.

Belgium, famous for its Burgundian lifestyle, its art cities with their extensive cultural offerings, wide range of excellent restaurants and its beautiful nature... pleasantly surprises thousands of visitors from around the world every year.”

[Shangai Expo 2010, Belgian Pavilion web site]

Eat & Drink

Belgium is also a place to enjoy food and drink. Do not miss our belgian specialities: