This is it! colleagues,

It was a pleasure to meet you in Brussels for this 13th EAHIL Conference.

We wish you a safe trip back to home and look forward meeting you at another EAHIL workshop or conference.

Will you stay at Brussels for the week-end? Below some last suggestions.

Enjoy ;-)

Welcome reception: Wednesday July 4

Meeting point:

17.30 outside the Auditoires Centraux, level -1 (street side)

Coaches from the campus site to the Centre for Fine Arts.

Return: free (no coaches).

Dress code: Casual Address: Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels | Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels.

Metro: Central Station

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Some tips when visiting Brussels

Brussels IrisSo here you are, welcome in Brussels!

Here are some tips for you to enjoy Brussels before the Conference starts (and after ;-)

Preparation of the proceedings

Today, access of authors to the abstracts was blocked in order to prepare the proceedings. All revised abstracts are checked in order to ensure homogeinity; they will then be exported in order to prepare the printed version of the proceedings that will be provided to each attendee.

After the conference, the revised abstracts will be published on the website and a "printer friendly" version will be available for any visitor.