Oral presentations

Preliminary program of oral presentations (with provisional abstracts).

Nid Title Refsort icon
744 Evolution of the health liaison librarian: from information literacy trainer to academic skills teacher A1
944 Implementing the critical friend method among teaching librarians in an academic setting – a case study. A2
384 Chameleon or health librarian? Changing roles of health librarians in Ireland:findings from the SHeLLI project A3
1364 Participation of medical librarians in a national project: „Establishment of the universal, open, hosting and communication, repository platform for network resources of knowledge to be used by science, education and open knowledge society.” A4
1394 The informatics of direct-to-consumer genetic tests B1
1464 Publishing Literature Searches on the Internet - what is the most user-friendly interface? B2
774 The Finnish Terveysportti Health Portal - Nationwide access to quality medical information B3
584 Providing a library toolbar that interacts with the ILS for a better service to our users B4
1014 Information, promotion and training - the priority for hospital libraries C1
594 Removing the boundaries of space in health information sharing C2
1434 International variation in the evaluation of consumer health information. A phenomenological study. C3
1284 SMH Baltic Sea Region Cooperation: “Transfer of Knowledge”, partnership programme with medical libraries in Northwest Russia, 2004 – 2011 : an asymmetrical partnership? C4
454 International cooperation in support of "One Health" D1
514 The EHTOP: indexing Health resources in a multi-terminology/ontology and cross-lingual world D2
1044 E-books: what interest(s) in 2012 for life sciences library users? D5
824 Sound Selection: podcasts prove positive E1
1114 Information without barriers: Librarians as Support to Health related Information published in Social Media E2
1294 Digital Preservation of Biomedical Documents - State of the Art E3
1344 Hydra's and 3D brains - the wonderful world of embedding repositories to institutional services and processes E4
894 Metaphors we search by: experiences of handling information F1
794 Information Literacy - User Training Project for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon - FMUL F2
564 Self-efficacy tests are helpful in the acquisition of information literacy. A study in first year bachelor students. F3
474 Sources of Evidence Used by Academic Librarians: A Grounded Theory Study G1
1104 Using best evidence to evaluate clinical librarian services G2
664 Using Evidence to Document Our Value and Impact for Academic and Professional Accreditation Reviews G3
854 How can information literacy training promote awareness of information needs and realising gaps in knowledge: a perspective allowing for patients, families and healthcare providers? H1
764 Case study: are interactive tutorials an effective alternative tool for library or information literacy instruction? H2
874 Information literacy in the context of Evidence-Based Medicine: teaching and learning assessment of a course intended for 4th year students in medicine at the University of Liège (Belgium) H3
604 Limits of Evidence Based Medicine revisited H4
1554 Developing e-resource licensing models for Academic Health Science Centres in England I1
954 The digital Reference Service: an essential element of the virtual library. I2
364 Everything that’s wrong with e-book statistics - a comparison of four medical e-book packages I3
724 Using Balanced Score Card and Key Performance Indicators in Strategic Planning. I4
914 Active learning in library instruction revisited: feedback and development in veterinary education at the University of Helsinki J2
1324 Process-focused quality management at the Veterinary Science Library, Archives and Museum, Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary* J3