wifi @ EAHIL2012

wifiWifi is available in the buildings.

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  2. Open the webbrowser
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First Timers’ Cocktail: Tuesday July 3, 17.30-19.30

Due to uncertain sunny weather, the First timers’ event will be a walk from the "Bibliothèque" building to the “Jardin des plantes médicinales Paul MoensJardin des plantes médicinales Paul Moens” (medicinal plant garden).

From there, we will turn back to the "Bibliothèque" main hall where the reception will be held.

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Click the city: Brussels has been tagged!

TagTagCityTagTagCity offers you the keys to the city and lets you benefit from promotions! Places, sites and objects will reveal their secrets and their advantages.

Thanks to your smart-phone you’ll be able to click on Tags and receive promotions.

Some tips when visiting Brussels

Brussels IrisSo here you are, welcome in Brussels!

Here are some tips for you to enjoy Brussels before the Conference starts (and after ;-)

Public transportation in Brussels

STIB-MVIB Tram, source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bindonlane/5995341213/

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